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Valmennuksen Vire is a creative development partner for companies and individuals.

Personal coaching

Change is a lifelong partner for everyone. How to deal with the constantly changing nature of life? Can change be inspiring and beneficial? How can you use change to pursue your goals?

One key factor in dealing with change is to learn self-management skills. Learning how to control and accept your emotions and thoughts and thus your actions. Another key factor is your ability to seek for and accept help and support from others. Everyone has unique abilities and skills which can be used to unlock pathways to happiness and good life.

Personal coaching is a powerful tool for taking active control of your life and development.

Tailor made coaching for groups

In a tailor made coaching process we take your companys goals and aspirations and together look for the changes needed to achieve these goals. Where are we now, where do we want to go and what is the most efficient way to get there? Together we estimate wether the right way to get there is coaching or maybe something completely different. If necessary we can utilize our vast network of partners to help you get where you want to be!

Frequent themes for group coaching:

Developing positive methods of interaction
Collaboration workshops
Enneagram workshops
Leadership workshops
Reaching interest groups
Utilizing collective thinking
Managing time and self
Enjoying your work

Notes From Future

Notes from Future is a method to explore future possibilities. It is developed by two experienced consultants. It springs from the idea that there is always something (potentially great) to be born. Notes from Future is a structured prosess to foresee the potential and bring those ideas into the reality.

We believe Notes From Future can offer alternative views and solutions to typical challenges in business environments. Courage and open mindedness towards the process will make for the most productive outcome. New and refreshing ideas can only be created with new and refreshing thinking.

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CEO Tuija Tähtinen is a coaching professional and NLP Master Practitioner. Tuija has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, communications and management. One of her strenghts is to find what is essential and summarise it.

Ilmo Kolehmainen is a professional board member, NLP Trainer and a business coach. Ilmo has over 20 years of management experience. He finds his best successess are in improving customer satisfaction and profit margin.